Opinions about Immediate Edge


Who can imagine receiving information that identifies the market direction in advance. Doesn’t that sound impossible? Nevertheless, with the help of sophisticated technologies and with innovative algorithms, it can become possible. Who wouldn’t then exploit these possibilities to get the latest and most profitable news the market has to offer. But how does it all work?
The following review provides insights into what the crypto trading bot does and how it assists investors and helps them make profits. Although Immediate Edge’s bot has only been on the market for a short time, it has managed to attract a lot of attention and that too worldwide.
Just read the post below which conveys important information about Immediate Edge.


What is Immediate Edge actually?

Immediate Edge is a trading software that analyses the latest trends in the market so that accurate predictions can be made. The programme is composed of internet data, global news as well as the financial index and foreign markets.
The bot assembles the data for the broker to use extensively. If these brokers confirm the legitimacy of the information, the bot will automatically make the trade. The software is designed to be able to take advantage of opportunities from all markets. Moreover, this process is much faster than the manual trading processes.

Features & Functionality

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Who can you find behind Immediate Edge?

The platform was developed by John Meyers, who has extensive experience in crypto trading. Immediate Edge is connected to a wide network of regulated and reputable brokers. The data collected with innovative algorithms is analysed. This gives investors a huge advantage over other investors.

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Opinions about Immediate Edge

Basically, I didn’t really trust this programme. Nevertheless, this software has simplified the whole trading process. Although I have made money online before, I never figured out how the software worked. The software, which trades automatically, took all the difficult steps out of my hands. The result is that I only have to sit in front of the PC for about half an hour a day. Checking the account and the corresponding settings is the only work I have had to do with it. The good thing is that I can always increase my assets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Features: Immediate Edge offers the trader a lot of functions that can be adjusted as desired.
Accurate trading signals: The high quality of the signals guarantees the user of this software a much higher probability of success.
Advanced data analysis: The software is supported with advanced algorithms. This collects and analyses data from a pool and financial resources.
Expert broker: Behind Immediate Edge is a team of experienced brokers who analyse all the data collected and ensure that the signals conveyed to the investor are as reliable as possible.

Unknown team: It was not possible to find out who is behind Immediate Edge. However, this has no influence at all on the performance of the programme.


Our test found absolutely no reason to undermine the legitimacy of the software. The software was developed to give traders the opportunity to be successful on the cryptocurrency market. So if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you should sign up with Immediate Edge right away.
As other tests have shown, a lot of money can be earned with this software. Nevertheless, investors should also accept a smaller loss, because the bot can certainly place one or two negative trades.

How does Immediate Edge compare to other bots?

With Immediate Edge, a software was developed that brings investors quite acceptable profits. The function is a little different from other bots. Nevertheless, the software performs better than competitors.
This is one of the reasons why Immediate Edge can be recommended without hesitation.